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Lasalle MA AAH - 002 Ginat Dorit - # Ginat Dorit

Dorit Ginat

MA Asian Art Histories
2019 — 2020

Since moving to Singapore in 2012, Dorit Ginat has been involved in the arts as a docent at the Singapore Art Museum and Gillman Barracks arts cluster as well as a freelance art consultant. Pursuing a second MA degree in Asian Art Histories was a natural development for her, with the hope to widen and enrich her knowledge of the art in the region. Prior to her shift towards the arts, Dorit worked for 10 years in the field of sociopolitical research and analysis.


An 'Archive of Feelings': reading trauma in Vandy Rattana's films through psychoanalysis, Theravada Buddhism and animism.

This thesis analyses trauma in Vandy Rattana’s trilogy of films through psychoanalysis, Theravada Buddhism and animism. Problematising the hegemony of Western theoretical approaches, the study introduces the invaluable role of local concepts in understanding traumatic effects in Cambodian art.

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