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IMG_5909 - #Terry Lee Kok Cheong

Lee Kok Cheong, Terry

MA Asian Art Histories
2019 — 2020

Terry Lee is the founder of Art Seasons, a contemporary art gallery in Singapore that represents Chinese and Southeast Asian contemporary artists. Before he founded Art Seasons in 2001, Terry had carved out a successful career in the gemstones, jewellery and fashion industries. He was a top executive with more than 25 years of professional experience in product management, sales & marketing, retail and manufacturing in the Asia-Pacific region. Terry is also an ardent art collector.


Burmese dancer – a critical study of the evolution of the Burmese dancer in painting

This study traces the evolution of the Burmese dancer in painting as a specific genre, its formal elements and cultural significance in Burma from the period of the monarchy, through the colonial era to the independent period and the present time.

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