of Fine Arts


Nyan Lin Htet

MA Asian Art Histories
2019 — 2020

Nyan Lin Htet is a performance practitioner from Myanmar. He is the founder and artistic director of Theatre of the Disturbed, a pioneering experimental performance ensemble based in Yangon. Lin Htet’s ongoing research focuses on the issues of aesthetic performance and the performative aspect of political activism through the lens of identity in transitional Myanmar. Lin Htet holds a BA in Architecture from Yangon Technological University and an MA in Global Creative and Cultural Industries from the School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London.


Performing transition: A critical study of embodied subjectivities in performance art and youth political activism in transitional Burma/Myanmar.

My paper is not a thesis. It is a Decolonial Manifesto intended to move beyond the ethno-nationalist religious paradigm in performance art in Burma/Myanmar, and modes of living, thinking, doing in the country at large.

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