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Alif Sufian Bin Samsiyar

MA Fine Arts
2019 — 2020

Sufian Samsiyar is an artist who has an independence of mind, of which can only have stemmed from an undue fondness for humans as well as a deep fascination and keen appreciation for human nature. He had fond hopes of becoming an architect, but circumstances denied Sufian of his dreams, and he found his calling in exhibition design.


This is a city and a city is many things: Resort and Pre-Fall
Installation, drywall partitions, aluminium c-channel, pinewood framing struts, vinyl print and sandbags
361 x 1050 x 67 cm

The work recreates the habitual settings of a resort-like showflat with a site-specific intervention of the defunct Trispace gallery. The works produced serve up different narrative codes that enable the viewers to rethink city-making in the political, artistic and sociological aspects.

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