of Fine Arts


Paul Hurley

MA Fine Arts
2019 — 2020

Paul Hurley is a British artist who was born and grew up in Cardiff, South Wales. As a young adult, he moved to London and was inspired by the vibrant arts scene there, which led him to pursue a career and education in fine arts in order to develop an art practice. Paul's approach is underpinned by video-based works which he presents in a diverse array of experimental methods. He explores imposing themes which relate to obscured phenomena that shape our realities. The current focus of his practice is on contemporary forms of mythology and their effects on present-day societies.


Video installation
Aspect ratio 1:1 (dimensions variable)

Continuum is an exploration of the plethora of mythologies which shape our histories, perceptions and behaviours. This installation displays refined archetypal symbolism within an immersive gallery environment reflective of the ubiquity of the myths which define daily life.

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