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Cheong Yew Mun

MA Fine Arts
2019 — 2020

Cheong Yew Mun (Munster) is obsessed with the power of the visual language. He believes it has a profound influence to life and that its symbolism, mood, emotional energy, elements and tone can expand life by way of creating new realities and experiences for the viewer. As a visual artist, he feels that he has major responsibilities and is always in a state of transition and self reflection, elusive from his commercial practice.


In the Absence of our Bodies
Video/sound installation + photographic print
1446  x  290 cm

This work seeks to explore the complexities of long-distance relationships, forced apart by bureaucracies beyond the families' control. It unpacks how in chasing the ideal order of a perfect family lifestyle of living in the same space, we overcompensate to fill the void of an absent loved one.

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