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Cornflakes Pyramid

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When the lost and carefree 10-year-old David encounters the equally lost and aloof Afiqah in a supermarket, his curiosity over her religious attire turns into a game of vying for her attention. After their clash in personalities escalates into a storewide chase, causing a pyramid of cornflakes boxes to topple, the two children find themselves escaping from the clutches of the villainous shop assistants. But as things spiral downwards for the kids, and with no one else left to turn to, David and Afiqah begin to question why they cannot truly be friends.

Director: Anja Dimova

Producer: Spencer Lam Wei Rong

Scriptwriter: Jordan Lee Jun Hao

Editor: Angel Teo

Cinematographer: Camille Pasquier

Assistant Director: Hariz Zulkifli

Production Designer: Sharifah Syamimi Binti Syed Mohksin

Audio Mixer: Vidonia Yeo

Film type: Short Fiction
Genre: Children, Drama
Runtime: 00:12:37

Country: Singapore
Language: English