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Elephant In The Room

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In November 2017, elephant caretaker Somsak Riengngen died under the mighty tusk of his prized elephant Ekasit, during a job he took on at the zoo. The elephant was believed to have suffered from a natural state of periodic aggression known as musth – a condition he goes through when he comes of age. Somsak's son, Ake now becomes his successor as he struggles to care for the elephant that killed his father while taking care of his own elephant who has come of his age of musth.

Director: Hariz Zulkifli

Producer: Chia Choong Kai

Scriptwriter: Hariz Zulkifli

Editor: Jordan Lee

Cinematographer: Kayson Lau

Audio mixing: Chia Choong Kai

Sound mixer: Josephine L. Winardi and Chia Choong Kai

Film type: Short Documentary
Genre: Biopic, Drama
Runtime: 00:20:07

Country: Thailand
Language: Thai, English, Khmer