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Late Bloomer 老花眼

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Having long sidelined her interest in photography, 75-year-old Ee King is now consumed with a mischievous passion for it in her old age. Amidst sharing this joy with her granddaughter Jessie, Ee King is in frequent contention with her daughter Wen Ling, who disapproves of Ee King’s carefree ways. But when Ee King is diagnosed with glaucoma, she finds herself questioning what it really means to fulfil her dreams.

Director: Lim Jing

Assistant Director: Aloysius Ong

Producer: Farah Diyanah Razid

Scriptwriter: Jonathan Chow

Editor: Craig Woo

Cinematographer: Edinburgh Poh

Audio mixing: Nurhidayat M. N.

Soundtrack: 'Our Last' by Ridz Razali

Production Designer: Celine Ker

Film type: Short Fiction
Genre: Drama
Runtime: 00:16:58

Country: Singapore
Language: Chinese