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Sangkar Burung (Birdcage)

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Retired for 30 years now, Senin, an 83-year-old Malay man, occupies his time crafting objects made out of wood. His client orders a handmade birdcage which will be completed in a week. He gets started on his project but is constantly interrupted by his duties as a caregiver to his ageing wife who is less mobile and active than him. He painstakingly cuts the pieces by hand and assembles them in his makeshift workspace.

Director: Nasrullah Zaren

Producer: Farah Diyanah Razid

Scriptwriter: Nasrullah Zaren

Editor: Syamsul Bahari

Cinematographer: Nurhidayat M. N.

Audio mixing: Nurhidayat M. N.

Soundtrack: 'Dream' by Wang Yu Hang

Film type: Short Documentary
Genre: Biopic
Runtime: 00:13:15

Country: Singapore
Language: Malay