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I'm Adopted

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The story follows Joan, a social media savvy teenager who discovers that she was adopted and consequently leaves home. Joan’s escapade begins when she meets a Filipino domestic helper, Bangladeshi worker and old man with dementia who mistakes them for his own family. Determined to bring the old man home, Joan goes on a adventure with the trio. Through this journey, and with prompts from an anonymous online user, Joan finds herself and the true meaning of family.

Director: Aeryn Chong Jia Wei

Assistant Director: Devinya Nathan

Producer: Sofea Shakil Maricar

Assistant Producer: Devinya Nathan

Scriptwriter: Aeryn Chong Jia Wei

Editor: Kei Foo Kok Wei

Cinematographer: Kei Foo Kok Wei

Audio mixing: Kei Foo Kok Wei and Aeryn Chong Jia Wei

Art Director: Valerie Wemple

Film type: Short Fiction
Genre: Comedy, Drama
Runtime: 00:17:43

Country: Singapore
Language: English