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Last Wish

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Den is a college student with a peculiar part-time job. Gifted with the ability to speak with the recently departed, he helps these spirits move on by fulfilling their last wish. Years pass and the once enthusiastic boy no longer finds it rewarding. One day, on the way to school, he encounters a new spirit who becomes his next assignment. However, as his tried-and-tested tactics now fail him, Den must discover new ways to help the spirit move on.

Director: Marcus Kwek

Assistant Director: Elaine Lam

Producer: Harris Saifudin

Scriptwriter: Marcus Kwek

Editor: How Ke Shih

Cinematographer: Harrison Boborn

Audio mixing: Nazirul Hakim

Art Director: Yang I, Winnie Katherine and Angela Tan

Production Manager: Joel Tan Wee Shuan

Gaffer: Khairel Asyiq bin Khairudin

Film type: Short Fiction
Genre: Comedy, Fantasy
Runtime: 00:20:00

Country: Singapore
Language: English