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Ride Before Dawn

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Ride Before Dawn takes place on a bus journey where two siblings with widely contrasting personalities reminisce their past. Asher is the quirky and comedic sibling who takes everything lightheartedly, while Ellie is the mature and logical one who takes everything critically and ensures that Asher always stays grounded. However, as time passes it becomes clear that this is no regular bus ride.

Director: Winnie Katherine

Assistant Director: Sun Jia Qi

Producer: Priscillia Lim Jia Qi

Scriptwriter: Winnie Katherine

Editor: Ashnora Ab Rahman

Cinematographer: Koh Rui Jia

Audio mixing: Elaine Lam Yi Ting

Art Director: Angela Tan Shin Jye

Film type: Short Fiction
Genre: Drama
Runtime: 00:19:07

Country: Singapore
Language: English