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Cheng Yu Hung

Cheng Yu Hung

BA(Hons) Music
2017 — 2020

Cheng Yu Hung is a Singaporean electronic musician/music producer. He pursued a Diploma in Music & Audio Technology at Singapore Polytechnic to hone his guitar and music production skills. He was primarily involved in producing rock music until the track 'Clarity' by Zedd moved him into the world of EDM. Going back to his roots at LASALLE, he wanted to incorporate live instruments with synths to create an atmosphere for his listeners to dwell in.


Yu Hung designed 'REPLAY’ – a playable instrument made up of recycled materials commonly found in e-waste. Using obsolete hardware and technology, he recycled and made an instrument out of them. 'REPLAY' is made of different materials mounted inside a used CCTV monitor. The device can be played by pressing buttons on the controller in beat, or pressing two buttons at the same time for different percussive elements together.

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