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Ernest Foo

Ernest Foo

BA(Hons) Music
2017 — 2020

Ernest Foo's field of work spans across a variety of disciplines. As a guitarist, he writes and plays in local indie rock band Bakers In Space, performing at prominent music festivals such as Baybeats, Ignite and Singapore Night Festival, and currently in the process of releasing their sophomore EP Magma. He also sessions for Krysta Joy as her lead guitarist, featuring in her debut EP Enjoy the Process. As a sound composer under the alias Parlimentpanik, he composes avant-garde audio visual pieces that rely on the processing of both electronic and acoustic instruments. Ernest designed the soundtrack for psychology thriller Farah (2019), which went on to win 'Best Sound Design' at the National Youth Film Awards. He plans to release a full length album featuring his abstract compositions by end 2020. As a music producer, he has worked with many artists including Cold Cut Quartet, Krysta Joy, Neil Chan, Susurrus, Cravism and Mark Francisco. He is currently in the midst of setting up his own production house focusing on quality live recordings. Ernest hopes to continue elevating the local music scene to new heights and is always on the lookout for opportunities in multidisciplinary collaborations.


In early 2020, Ernest led CHOPPA, an ambitious music festival that celebrates improvised and electronic music, featuring musicians from Southeast Asia, Australia, US and Europe. In his role as production manager, the event witnessed an upgrade with a 5.1 surround sound system and a larger crowd compared to previous years. He was also involved in 'Potion' as part of MeshMinds 2.0: ArtxTechforGood, an exhibition at ArtScience Museum. This 8-step sequencer, utilising sounds on board the Arduino with an LED array displaying visuals that react with the audio, is housed in a repurposed shoebox. Ernest also mastered Cravism's album vibes, Vol. 2. The album features Maya Diegel and explores the theme of humanoids and artificial intelligence.

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