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Nadia Nadhirah Mohamed Sharif

Nadia Nadhirah Mohamed Sharif

BA(Hons) Music
2018 — 2020

Nadia Sharif is a young local singer who has obtained commendations for her distinct voice and versatility with R&B, funk, soul and ballads. She draws inspiration from artists such as Jorja Smith, Bruno Mars, Jessie J and Adele. Recent accomplishments include being among the top seven in Singapore's leading Malay singing competition Anugerah 2017, performing live with Tony Memmel at Timbre+ and receiving the Mendaki Youth Promise Award 2019. Besides singing, Nadia also has a strong passion for teaching vocal techniques.


Nadia has performed at Red Dot Green Dot, an evening of music, literature and laughter celebrating the cultures of Ireland and Singapore, as well as Timbre+ after winning the competition Share the Stage.

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