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Alfiq Martindra

Diploma in Audio Production
2017 — 2020

Alfiq Martindra Bin Inu Katasula is a Singaporean audio technician and sound operator who aspires to become a full-fledged FOH and mix engineer. Alfiq has collaborated with LASALLE's Faculty of Performing Arts in projects such as Rock and Indie Festival 2018, As You Like It and the Lunchtime Concert Series. Prior to enrolling at LASALLE, Alfiq worked as a technician with local entertainment companies such as Marina Bay Sands MICE AV, Orion Concepts and Singapore Turf Club broadcast department.


Alfiq was the sound designer for As You Like It, the assistant sound designer and Qlab operator for Six Characters Looking for an Author, and the lead technician for the campus green stage at Rock and Indie Festival 2019. 

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