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Gary Kong Su Liang

Diploma in Audio Production
2017 — 2020

Gary Kong is a songwriter, music producer, audio engineer and recording artist known as $nailGod focusing on pop, R&B and hip-hop and other genres. He has done numerous music projects producing, mixing and recording for artists such as Hakim, The Swim Team, Haibye, and 6K Tha Black God. Gary has composed music and produced sound effects for LASALLE theatre productions As You Like It and Six Characters Looking for an Author. He has also composed soundtracks for Bruneian influencer Syafi Halim, for his new upcoming video OREN.


Select projects that Gary worked on at LASALLE include serving as mons engineer, FOH engineer and stage crew at LASALLE's Open House, and working on the sound design for Six Characters Looking for An Author.

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