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Isaiah Ong

Isaiah Ong

Diploma in Audio Production
2017 — 2020

Isaiah Ong is a freelance electronic music producer who makes unique sounds and songs for games, having been inspired by early NES games and dubstep producers. During his time at LASALLE, Isaiah has worked on multiple theatre productions requiring him to design sound effects and perform them live on applications such as QLab. One such production, Cool Shorts, was performed at the Esplanade a week after its run in school, and the director was impressed enough with the team’s work to invite them to run the audio for that show as well. 


Isaiah has both operated and programmed QLab sessions for audio cues for theatre shows such as Cool Shorts, The Insiders and Picasso's Women. He was also part of the team for Summer School Improvise! and set up individual localised speakers for every two musicians, which entailed tricky planning for both signal flow and power for the speakers and other equipment. They also mixed the show, and worked with musicians constantly moving around equipment, microphones and speakers.

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