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Mrunal Prakash

Diploma in Audio Production
2017 — 2020

Mrunal Prakash is an audio engineer and DJ/producer with experience in various genres from electronic to techno. He has honed the ability to effortlessly manoeuvre and experiment across the spectrum of house and techno music. Mrunal started out playing at local clubs and worked his way up to opening for international artist Apster. He is also an experienced live sound engineer and while at LASALLE worked on multiple shows ranging from live music and theatre such as The Evolution of Musical Theatre, La Calle, Rock and Indie Festival and Swingin' 60s


Mrunal served as the recording and mixing engineer for the Studio Production Project – a collaborative project involving the Diplomas in Music and Audio Production students. He also worked on the live sound for musical theatre showcase Swingin' 60s as the RF engineer.

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