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Hadi Hamid

Hadi Hamid

Diploma in Music
2017 — 2020

Hadi Hamid is a singer-songwriter and vocalist for a up-and-coming band, Bullsheep. Hadi learned to play the guitar at 16 when he got his first Synchronium guitar. Going through his tertiary studies at 18 was when he started exploring music genres like post-punk, indie rock, synth pop, post-rock and folk rock. Born and raised in Singapore, with a family that karaokes often, Hadi was exposed to his cultural roots such as keronchong and Malaysian music, learning to appreciate music that was non-mainstream in his era.


Hadi has performed at the 2018 Rock and indie Festival in LASALLE, showcasing his originals and covers of some of his favourite songs. He was also involved in the school's Orientation in 2019 Performing with his band, Bullsheep. Also in 2019, He had his own set playing originals for We The Vibez.

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