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Melvin Paul Martin

Melvin Paul Martin

Diploma in Music
2017 — 2020

Melvin Paul Martin began playing drums from elementary school and soon after turned his passion into a career. His drumming style leans towards pop and R&B, but is ready to take on various types of genres. He has performed for festivals such as the Singapore Grand Prix 2018 and Neon Lights Festival 2019. He has also recorded and performed for local and international artists such as Nick Zavior, Elsa Mickayla, Abby Simone, Ramona and Iana. Presently he teaches at Drumstruck Studios. He aspires to be a professional sessionist internationally and to continue his passion for teaching.


Melvin has played on various local stages including Gardens by the Bay, Esplanade Outdoor Theatre, ZEPP Big Box, Zouk as well as international venues such as Lè Noir and No Black Tie in Kuala Lumpur and Marriott Hotel in Hong Kong.

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