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Aayushi Mehrish

Aayushi Mehrish

BA(Hons) Arts Management
2017 — 2020

Aayushi Mehrish is an aspiring arts manager and Indian classical Kathak dancer with over six years of experience in performing, curating and collaborating across different performing art forms. She graduated with with a BA(Hons) Arts Management from LASALLE College of the Arts in 2020. Aayushi is a people-centred individual who is able to get work done within limited resources and timelines.


Aayushi has experience in managing artists and programming art events. Her key areas of interest are production management, concept design and team management, which are supplemented by her skills in multi-tasking, strategic planning and storytelling.

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Thesis abstract

Analysing the influence of Bollywood on Kathak's traditional training: an autoethnographic study

This dissertation explains the traditional training method of Guru Shishya Parampara used in one of India’s eight classical dance forms, Kathak and how today it is being practised by people across the globe, while people are also fascinated with the glamorous sets and choreographies in Bollywood. As an autoethnographic study, this paper shall reflect on the author’s personal opinions and background as a Kathak dancer in accordance to opinions from different Kathak practitioners on the idea of students and teachers getting influenced by so-called ‘Kathak’ choreographies presented in Bollywood. This study shall also expand on how Bollywood shapes the mindset of dancers through different platforms and training techniques. Lastly, this paper shall tap on points talking about the importance of retaining the traditional value and vocabulary of a classical art form with a modern vision.

Work experience

May – August 2019
Apsaras Arts, Singapore
Production intern


June – July 2018
Josh Talks, India
Operations intern

November 2017 
World Integrity Centre, India
Concept and programme intern