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BA(Hons) Arts Management
2017 — 2020

Akansha is passionate about all forms of art and would take up the opportunity of learning something new in a heartbeat. Their goal is to be a renaissance man, but a non-binary and Southeast Asian equivalent of that. They are interested in the discourse of intersectionality and hope to spark curiosity in people about such matters.


Past projects: Dink Open Mic (current), Teater Ekamatra's Projek Suitcase (2019), Queer Zinefest (2018), LASALLE’s Rock and Indie Music Festival (2018), IGNITE! Music Festival (2017).

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Thesis abstract

Opportunities for queer artists in Singapore

The existence of Section 377A contributes to state restrictions against queer art, from censoring the queer body in film, to limiting spaces that allow queer art. Apart from these clearly defined, state-supported restrictions, social discrimination is also an issue faced by queer artists when seeking opportunities to create art. This research paper investigates the current status, the issues faced and identify the gaps within the queer arts community that affects the opportunities for queer artists in Singapore.

Work experience

eatmepoptart /

The Republic Cultural Centre