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Janice Chua Wen Li

Janice Chua Wen Li

BA(Hons) Arts Management
2017 — 2020

Janice Chua has been involved in the creative arts since 2013, with a particular interest in the film and media sector. She hopes to contribute to and cultivate the local arts and film scene with her skill sets of design thinking and project management.


Research interests: recent developments in filmmaking in Singapore.
Past projects: Singapore Shorts ‘19, the SEA Film Lab (2017) by the Singapore International Film Festival, MeshMinds 2.0: Art x Tech For Good (2019).

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Thesis abstract

Understanding the developments of independent filmmaking in Singapore: 2008–2019

Filmmaking has evolved uniquely in Singapore within a specific geographical, historical and cultural context. In recent years, Singapore’s cinema saw many breakthroughs from independent filmmakers, creating works that received both critical acclaim and commercial success. The thesis will provide an understanding of developments in the independent filmmaking landscape in Singapore from 2008 to 2019. The research will do so by mapping significant milestones that are pertinent to the film industry in Singapore. Findings have revealed that institutional support by the state has been crucial in the development of the industry; the research also seeks to identify how these different sources of support would affect filmmaking locally.

Work experience

May – Aug 2019
Intern at Asian Film Archive

Nov 2018 – Jan 2019
Artist coordinator for Meshminds 2.0: Art x Tech For Good (2019)

Nov – Dec 2017
Project assistant for SEA Film Lab & Producers’ Network at Singapore International Film Festival 2017