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Nicholas Ong

Nicholas Ong

BA(Hons) Arts Management
2017 — 2020

Nicholas Ong is a practicing visual artist and arts manager who has shown his works at exhibitions in Singapore and around the region. He has also had works commissioned by commercial organisations and has frequently collaborated with other artists for various projects. Nicholas has experience in project management, exhibition management and programming.


Research interests: Arts economies and infrastructure, arts and commercial practices.
Past projects: Strange Things, as part of TWENTY TWENTY by Singapore Art Club, Triennial Singapore Malaysia Cultural Showcase, Facebook Artist in Residence, 21 Moonstone, Cosmic Children, campaign installations for MAC Cosmetics, stage design for SGMUSO: BARE.

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Thesis abstract

A qualitative investigation into the collaboration between visual artists and commercial organisations

Given the development of the arts in Singapore, the rise of collaborative relationships between commercial organisations and visual artists has presented the opportunity to diversify portfolios and contribute to the arts economy. The purpose of this research paper is to uncover and highlight contributing factors to this collaborative relationships and to discover the motivations and considerations behind this kind of relationship. This research is conducted through interviews and surveys where the responses will come from a variety of visual artists and representatives of commercial organisations, to collate qualitative and quantitative information with regards to opinions and perspectives on the collaborative relationship. Analysis of the findings provides information and context in relation to the contributing factors that drive the collaborative relationship as well as the considerations and expectations of both parties that indicate the longevity of such a practice.

Work experience

2017 – 2020
Nicholas Ong Studios

2019 – 2020
21 Moonstone
Cosmic Children