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Nur Asyikin Binte Ramli

Nur Asyikin Binte Ramli

BA(Hons) Arts Management
2017 — 2020

Before entering Arts Management, Asyikin Ramli studied at Madrasah Wak Tanjong Al-Islamiah and then pursued a diploma in Architecture. Her perspectives on the world have been informed by the environment that she grew up in and the diverse experiences in her education. She is interested in conservation and heritage as well as arts that engage with social issues. She carries with her a belief that the arts can be used as a platform to reflect issues in society and lead discourse and change.


Research Interest: arts and nationality, Southeast Asian history, heritage, activism in arts.
Past Project: Meshminds 2.0: Art X Tech For Good (2019)

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Thesis abstract

Navigating official historical discourse within arts institutions (a case study of curatorial narratives in relation to The Singapore Story)

In the recent years, the arts have seen many artworks and exhibitions discussing the historical narratives of Singapore. More conversations happened when Singapore decided to hold a year long event commemorating the 200th year anniversary since Singapore was found by Sir Stamford Raffles. These were accompanied with debates surrounding government funding and how it is only given for artworks that do not challenge the establishment. The research will analyse the different ways visual arts institutions navigate official historical discourse. This will be achieved through doing a case study on exhibitions curatorial narratives in relation to The Singapore Story. Semi structured interview and inductive inferring through qualitative methods were used to gain a deeper understanding on the extent of a curator’s role, to question whether specific types of funding sources directly affects the narrative of an exhibition, and to examine and compare the position of the government as well as private institutions with regards to the discourse surrounding The Singapore Story.

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