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Tan Yuan Lin

Tan Yuan Lin

BA(Hons) Arts Management
2017 — 2020

Tan Yuan Lin first encountered the arts in primary school and since then has been involved in Chinese orchestra, modern dance and hip-hop. She was part of the organising team for ARTWALK Little India 2019, being in charge of logistics for the event. Her internship with The Artground inspired her to pursue a career in education and outreach to provide children with an engaging and immersive experience where they can learn through the arts.


Research interests: arts education, arts policies.
Past projects: ARTWALK Little India (2019)

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Thesis abstract

Arts education providers for primary schools in Singapore: case studies on art outreach and Esplanade

Art curriculum in primary schools were traditionally based on basic drawing and painting activities, and teachers were accustomed to conducting these art lessons. Art was not seen as a core subject in school, but efforts have been made to incorporate more inquiry-based learning into the current arts education curriculum in Singapore. This research paper will analyse the development of the arts education landscape over the past 20 years and to what degree arts policies can make a change to the syllabus by Singapore’s Ministry of Education (MOE). In view of the nature of this research, a qualitative method will be adopted for data collection. Literature review on arts policies will also define how the MOE (Ministry of Education), National Arts Council (NAC) and arts organisations are interrelated. This research will refer to the case studies from Art Outreach and The Esplanade as arts education providers. Interviews were further conducted to study how the National Arts Council Arts Education Programmes (NAC-AEP) offered can demonstrate the importance of acquiring knowledge through visual learning, apart from learning through textbooks.

Work experience

2019 – 2020
The Star Performing Arts Centre

May – July 2019
The Artground

April – August 2016