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Teo Ke Xuan Natalie

Teo Ke Xuan Natalie

BA(Hons) Arts Management
2017 — 2020

Natalie Teo's interests lie mainly in museums and visual arts programming. She has always loved visiting museums and the process of curation and displaying works of art within a space. Her skills include event planning, administrative work and liaising with artists. While interning at the NUS Centre for the Arts, Natalie was put in charge of coordinating and supervising volunteers for the NUS Arts Festival, as well as managing logistics for the panel discussions. She loves working with people and takes pride in the work that she does.


Research interests: Visual arts programming, museums, audience development
Past projects: MeshMinds 1.0: ArtsxTechForGood (2018), HERE! Arts Carnival (2018), NUS Arts Festival (2018)

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Thesis abstract

The importance of university museums: a case study on the NUS Museum

University museums have been around for hundreds of years and yet, there has not been much discourse about them in Singapore. This research aims to understand the importance of university museums and the roles that they play within the university and within society. A case study was done on the NUS Museum that resides within Singapore’s top university, the National University of Singapore, to discover the importance of the NUS Museum and how they stay relevant to the university and other communities. Through an interview with Michelle Kuek, the Outreach Manager at the NUS Museum, insights were given into their programming, as well as faculty partnerships and challenges faced within the collaboration process.

Work experience

NUS Centre for the Arts
Intern, Talent Development and Programming Division