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Valerie Pang

Valerie Pang

BA(Hons) Arts Management
2017 — 2020

Valerie Pang has been involved with the music and visual arts scene since 2008. These experiences empowered her to pursue a career in arts management. Through a diverse range of projects and work experiences, she further honed her skills in research and writing, social media marketing and copywriting. Her education in the BA(Hons) Arts Management Programme at LASALLE sparked an interest in the global art markets, particularly in the international art trade.


Research interests: global art markets, economics of art and culture, international art trade.
Past projects: LASALLE's School of Contemporary Music: Lunchtime Concert Series (2017 – 2018), Shared Narratives: Museum, Memory Boxes & Art Therapy (2019), LASALLE-Goldsmiths Partnership Innovation Exchange (2019 – 2020)

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Thesis abstract

Understanding key influences on upper-middle income Singaporeans in the purchase of wall-mounted art

The emergence of a new breed of middle class art collectors is rising – such consumers enjoying higher levels of income and leisure time have developed desires for luxury goods, thereby increasing the demand for art. This research hopes to examine the extrinsic and intrinsic influences on upper-middle income Singaporeans in purchasing wall-mounted art. To facilitate this study, a qualitative and quantitative research approach has been adopted through gathering data from available literature, statistical reports and a group of 6 research participants through semi-structured interviews and surveys to explore both extrinsic and intrinsic influences underlying art consumption. This research posits that these two influences are most significant in explaining art purchases; accounting for financial and economic considerations, and for personal pleasure – defined for the purpose of this research as an individual’s desire to satisfy emotional, aesthetic and social needs. This paper contributes to existing literature by emphasising on the essential nature of past exposure and education in the arts, as it serves as an underlying motivator behind art purchases, thereby enabling market actors to gain a better understanding of art consumers in Singapore.

Work experience

January 2020
STPI Creative Workshop & Gallery
S.E.A Focus art fair volunteer
Assisted in post-fair data collection from patrons; aided in ushering and redirecting crowds.

May – July 2019
Kingsmen Creatives Ltd
Event operations intern
Facilitated gallery operations for the Singapore Bicentennial Experience, supported end-to-end communications with key departments, acquired problem-solving, risk management, public speaking skills.