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Amirah Munawwarah Idilfitri

Amirah Munawwarah Binte Idilfitri

MA Art Therapy
2018 — 2020

Amirah enjoys art-making as a personal hobby with her artistic practice reflecting daily life inspirations and personal tales. Merging this with her Bachelor of Human Sciences (Hons) in Psychology, volunteer experiences with special needs children at Riding for the Disabled Association (RDA) and work as a weekend educator with children and teenagers has led her to pursue the MA Art Therapy Programme. As part of the training programme, Amirah had the opportunity to conduct weekly open art studio for staff in a local acute hospital. She also proposed and painted a mural for the counselling room in a local secondary school. Amirah is a recipient of the MENDAKI ABC Youth Promise Scholarship Award in 2019.



Found feathers and jewels on steel wire
4 x 1 m

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Thesis abstract

Spiritual identity through individual art therapy with a Singapore adolescent in a local academic setting

Recent studies have suggested spiritual identity makes up an individual identity as a whole. Hence, spiritual identity may be an aspect that adolescents could potentially explore as they undergo their identity formation stage. It can be explored creatively through art therapy in ways that words may not fully capture. Furthermore, Singapore adolescents spend most of their time in schools; a supportive environment for learning and exploration. Therefore, the present thesis investigated how art therapy may impact and inform the spiritual identity of a Singapore adolescent within an academic setting. The literature review pertaining to spiritual identity in adolescents, along with the relevance of discovering spiritual identity through art therapy, the selected methodology for this thesis, and areas of ethical considerations were underlined. It is suggested that spiritual identity may manifest itself in various ways. Accordingly, it is essential for art therapists to recognize and explore them in sessions with the adolescent. Finally, limitations of the thesis and areas for future research to be carried out with a variety of the methodological aspects, and use of relevant psychometric tools were suggested.

Work experience

2021 – present
Assistant instructor/therapist at RDA SG 
Supports and observes physically and/or mentally challenged riders on therapy-trained horses during therapy sessions as well as updates clinical notes for each session.

2021 – present
Art therapist at ImPossible Psychological Services
Provides individual and group art therapy sessions to clients on emotional regulation, identity, healing and more.

2020 – present
Self-employed Art Therapist
Conducts arts-based workshops, events and talks for general public for growth, identity and personal development.

2019 – 2020
Art therapist trainee at a mainstream secondary school
Provided individual and group art therapy sessions for students. Proposed and painted a tree mural for the counselling room in the school.

Art therapist trainee at a general hospital
Provided art therapy sessions for both in-patients and out-patients. Planned and conducted eight weekly open art studio for staff.

2014 – present
Part-time weekend educator at a local mosque
Facilitate and educate as main educator in a class of maximum 20 students with ages ranging from 7 to 14. Incorporated art-making into lessons to engage students in their learning process.