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Chloë I.R. Manasseh-Benjamin

Chloë I.R. Manasseh-Benjamin

MA Art Therapy
2018 — 2020

Chloë Manasseh-Benjamin completed her Master of Fine Arts (MFA) from The Slade School of Fine Art in 2014, where she was the recipient of the Euan Uglow Memorial Scholarship. She received the LASALLE Scholarship for MA Studies for her Master of Arts (MA) Art Therapy at LASALLE College of the Arts.

Chloë’s work has been exhibited internationally with exhibitions in the US, UK, Italy, Israel and Singapore. She has collaborated extensively with artists, musicians, clothing and interior designers on various projects around the world. Working with painting, print, video and installation, her work sits between experience and imagination and reflects on the limits of representation in relation to the wholeness of experience.


Feet Planted: In Dreams I Run Wildly

Oil on linen (part of a larger mixed media installation)
72” x 44”

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Thesis abstract

Production of space: functions of silence in art psychotherapy with a seven-year-old boy processing early attachment trauma

This thesis presents a retrospective investigation of a single case study of ten art psychotherapy sessions with a seven-year-old boy processing early attachment trauma. It applies a qualitative methodology, utilising a psychodynamic, practitioner-based, reflexive approach. The research questions the impact and functions of silence on the production of space within the therapeutic setting. It further explores the role of an attuned art therapist as a witness to a client’s trauma, early trauma’s impact on the body, attachment theory, neuroscience findings and the benefits of art psychotherapy. The hypothesis proposes that silence can be considered an abstract space of containment within an art therapy room which is aligned with the production of an activated affective space, for which imagination is key. The case study presentation centres on the role of an attuned art therapist in holding introduced silence, providing containment, and making sense of her client’s somatic presentations of implicit memories. In addition, the study explores how certain art media, such as paint and playdough can aid in bridging cognitive difficulties and symbolic processing.

Work experience

2019 – 2020
Art psychotherapist trainee at a Residential Children's Home.
- Provided individual, closed group and open group art therapy interventions for children and adolescents with different experiences of trauma.
- Worked with a range of different profiles ranging from autism, ADHD and different emotional and behavioural issues.