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Linda Foo Whay Peng

Linda Foo Whay Peng

MA Art Therapy
2018 — 2020

Rekindling her love for the creative process in recent years, Linda Foo embarked on a self-exploration journey which led her to take up the MA Art Therapy Programme. Prior to this, she completed her BSc Psychology. The clinical placement has provided opportunities for Linda to work with seniors in a nursing home setting and children assigned to a Child Protection Service Centre. Linda is particularly passionate about working with children who need help with emotional and behavioural regulation and mentalisation.


When the World isn’t your Oyster

45 x 28 x 18 cm

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Thesis abstract

Painted hands: a qualitative inquiry into the effects of sensorial art media on the mentalisation process in individual art therapy with a preschool age girl in Singapore

The aim of this thesis was to look at the effect of sensorial art media on the mentalisation process of a preschool girl in Singapore. This study was based on single case practitioner-based research methodology. A description of the presenting issues was provided. The clinical material was analysed with reference to theoretical concepts from art therapy, development theory, developmental trauma and relational neurobiological theory. Working with sensorial media produce four effects: (a) as a regression to fixated development stage whereby restitution can be made, (b) as a self-exploration experience, (c) as a way to facilitate the integration of unconscious memories with the conscious memories and (d) as a gratification of basic ego or self-need. The bi-dimensional model of mentalisation was used to reveal the process of mentalisation which in this model is defined as ‘a preconscious or ego function that transforms basic somatic sensations and motor patterns through a linking activity.’ (Lecours & Bouchard, 1997). The study found that the bi-mentalisation model provides a framework for understanding the intrapersonal mentalisation process and can be used as a guide for the art therapist in formulating interventions according to the level of mentalisation at which the client is processing.

Work experience

2019 – 2020
Child Protection Service Centre
Art therapist intern
Provided art therapy (trauma-focused) interventions for children aged 4–11 years old suffering from abuse or neglect.

Art therapist intern at a nursing home
Conducted individual and group art therapy interventions for elderly living with dementia.