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Lu Zhiying

Lu Zhiying

MA Art Therapy
2018 — 2020

With a background in film and video production, Lu Zhiying continues to pursue her creative endeavours while training to be an art psychotherapist. She believes that art, be it film, dance, literature, painting or sculpture, should be accessible by all and eschews the idea that art-making is only for those who have been labelled as talented. She has an interest in working with people from all walks of life and is a recipient of The Red Pencil Scholarship.



Glass and glass paint
65 x 65 x 10 cm

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Thesis abstract

Using post-session response art in clinical practice: Working with children who have experienced trauma

This thesis examined the use of post-session response art making as a tool to reflect on clinical work with clients. Over the course of the author’s clinical placement at a child protection agency in Singapore, she had conducted art therapy sessions with children who had experienced trauma. Response art that was created after the sessions were collected and used as data for this thesis. Utilising a heuristic methodology, five artworks made in response to sessions with a 10-year-old female were explored and discussed. It was found that the post-session response art making served two main purposes: to contain and to mirror. Post-session art making enabled the author to manage emotions arising from the session, and also to better understand the client’s own emotions and processes. This led to improved attunement with the client. Due to the phenomenological nature of the research, and the limited number of cases discussed, further research is recommended for a broadened application.