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Samantha Quek Zhi Yin

Samantha Quek Zhi Yin

MA Art Therapy
2018 — 2020

Through her seven years of creative endeavour as a cake artist @cupplets, Samantha experimented with diverse ingredients which enriched her artistic practice of cake painting and artisan decoration. Her use of edible ingredients was subsequently integrated into her art therapy approach including her postgraduate research. Edible medium became art material for her and her clients. She introduced edible medium in her clinical work with adults living with mild intellectual disability. The unique edible art material became an effective medium of expression for this vulnerable population.



Edible mediums, fresh flowers and foliages
3.2’ x 3’ x 5’

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Thesis abstract

The introduction of edible medium within art therapy with a Chinese adult living with mild intellectual disability and other comorbidities

The aim of this thesis is to explore edible medium(s) in the realm of art therapy with an individual living with mild intellectual disability. In the literature review, relevant resources were extracted to provide a concise lens about the population living in Singapore or in Asia, the exploration of edible medium(s) and its characteristics in the creative experience as well as significant psychoanalytical theories pertaining to the focus of this thesis. A qualitative research methodology will be undertaken to discuss a single case vignette. In the client selection process, deliberate thought was made to analyse the risk and suitability of the client for edible medium to be introduced. Ethical considerations is essential when conducting art therapy to ensure basic human rights are abided. Discussion of findings are segmented in 4 categories: 1) the unconscious exploration of edible clay, 2) exploring the emotion of guilt through healthy eating, 3) instilling self-care with soothing ingredients and 4) integrating positive attributes through consuming of edible artwork. My thesis conclusion will include limitations and recommendations for future research. Lastly, I will end with my afterthoughts upon reflecting my experience at placement and the social stigma that is persisting today.

Work experience

2019 – 2020
Art therapist trainee at a day centre for individuals with mild intellectual disability.
Provide art therapy interventions for individuals living with mild intellectual disability, curating an art exhibition at the centre, plan and execute art therapy sessions with caregivers