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Darshinee Sai Seeraz

Darshinee Sai Seeraz

MA Arts and Cultural Leadership
2019 — 2020

Darshinee Seeraz is based in Singapore. She works between Singapore and Mauritius. She pursued her Bachelor's in Fine Arts at LASALLE College of the Arts (2014 – 2017). She worked at Lumas Gallery, Singapore, after her graduation, which got her interested in the art management sector. She recently pursued a Master’s in Arts and Cultural Leadership at LASALLE College of the Arts (2019 – 2020).


Research Interest: visual mapping, visual artists, art career development, artists support, workshop management, art gallery, fine arts.
Darshinee organised a Visual Mapping workshop in Mauritius which collected responses from 9 visual artists as part of her final research project.

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Thesis abstract

Evaluation of the place of visual artists in Mauritius

This paper presents findings and analysis of a research study, an overall objective to evaluate the place of the visual artists in Mauritius, to provide insight into their work, and to support them in the process. Data was gathered through primary research, field-visits, observations, eight interviews of individuals from the creative industry, and a workshop was held by the researcher and secondary research (social media, news report, cultural policy documents, scholarly journals, scholarly articles). The research supports the view that visual artists should have a part to play in creating public and governmental awareness around artists who are trying to make a full-time living from their art. The overall objective of this report is to provide a better understanding of the place of visual artists in Mauritius; to find the gaps between official cultural policy and the artists’ conditions through artists’ perspectives, and map the visual art ecosystem of Mauritius. The report concludes that there is scope for consideration of more varied approaches, which will benefit visual artists who require a public platform for current work and ideas, want to develop their careers, and find resources to support them.

Work experience

Lumas Gallery, Singapore
Assistant Marketing Manager

Miaja Gallery, Singapore
Assistant Art Manager