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Chong Yun Xiang

Chong Yun Xiang

MA Arts Pedagogy and Practice
2019 — 2020

As a music teacher in charge of grooming students for the commercial market, Chong Yun Xiang developed an interest in helping students with their creativity in music composition. Aside from education, Yun Xiang is also the senior creative executive of Touch Music Publishing, responsible for negotiating and handling contracts and license agreements, as well as music placements in dramas and movies. He has a Master's Degree in Arts Pedagogy and Practice from Goldsmiths, University of London.


Yun Xiang believes that his role as a teacher is to guide and strengthen his students' passion and help them develop to their fullest potential. Creativity is crucial in the music industry and hence, cultivating creativity is his research interest.

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Thesis abstract

Cultivating creativity in music composition through art

A question of how creativity can be cultivated and taught is pertinent to those with the responsibilities of teaching art. This research focuses on the cultivation of creativity in music composition by using colours and symbols based on the theory of semiotics, coupled with a co-created rubric on musical elements and creative activities based on Torrance Test of Creative Thinking and the Measure of Creative Thinking in Music Version II. From art and creative literature reviews to a co-created rubric to creative activities, the result of this research suggests that having a co-created rubric driven through discussion results in a pedagogical outcome that allows for an increased awareness of the musical elements during composition. The creative activities yield results suggesting that the activities conducted have seen an increment in creativity among the participants.

Work experience

2014 – 2016
Music instructor at Fisherman Music School

2017 – present
Senior creative executive at Touch Music Publishing