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Grant Li

Grant Li

MA Arts Pedagogy and Practice
2019 — 2020

Grant Li is a professional designer and educator in various domains. He specialises in precious metal body ornament design, electrical & mechanical engineering product design, mixed material furniture and household products design, rapid prototyping production, as well as prototype research and development. He joined the Ministry of Education in 2008 as an arts and craft teacher, then went back to jewellery design and manufacturing in 2011. He has been working at LASALLE College of the Arts as a technical officer since 2016. He holds an MA in Arts Pedagogy and Practice from Goldsmiths, University of London.


To teach, one must first understand what level the learners are at, assist them in bridging the gap to the zone of proximal development, scaffold along the way, provide feedback and adjust directions in a timely manner. Grant's research interest is gamification and how to relate game-based learning to the learners' expectations.

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Thesis abstract

Effects on computer games on 3D printing

Can a 3D designer avoid a prototype while transforming her/his design into a reality? What role does prototype play in the core of design? Playing a game could be fun; making a prototype will be hard. Can a game help in the study of prototyping making? 3D printing technology is relatively mature and cost-effective if we compare it with ten years ago. How to teach design students to use 3D printing for prototype-making more efficiently? The research paper aims to find out the effect of a computer game on 3D printing study. As a technical knowledge educator, ensuring the students' health and safety is the researcher's priority. The use of computer game curated a safe environment for students to play and learn without being exposed to physical danger. To design an exciting game, interactive gameplay with rewards is crucial. The use of RPG game allows the researcher to scaffold students across the Zone of Proximal Development to Potential Optimal Learning. But is it effective? Can game-based learning be a new way to design students and teachers? This is just the beginning of an epic journey. May the creativity be with you.

Work experience

2016 – 2020
LASALLE College of the Arts
3D technical officer

2013 – 2016
Freelancer in the jewellery and product design industries

2011 – 2013
Ami Gems Pte Ltd
Design manager

2008 – 2011
Ministry of Education
Art & craft teacher