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Hector Lee Ann Kiat

Hector Lee Ann Kiat

MA Arts Pedagogy and Practice
2019 — 2020

Hector Lee is a sound artist, electronic musician, audio engineer, and educator specialising in computer music and music technology. He has been part of numerous productions hosted in various countries all over the world. Hector graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Music Technology (First Class Honours), and a Master's Degree in Arts Pedagogy and Practice. His interest is in finding new modalities and methods to push the creative boundaries of his work and teaching through experimentation and collaboration. As an experienced educator, Hector has been teaching tertiary level courses covering recording studio techniques, computer music, digital audio production, and sound design.


Hector believes that education should be a lifelong journey and he has a responsibility as an educator to encourage students to be inquisitive, explorative, and experiential learners. His teaching approach acknowledges that the needs of each learner is unique and requires a varied approach. His research interests include but are not limited to computer music technology and music production pedagogy, virtual reality, remote learning technologies, and interactive design technologies. He welcomes collaborative and innovative research opportunities.

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Thesis abstract

A pedagogical approach to learner-centred design for audio mixing

Audio mixing involves the use of complex Digital Audio Workstation software which can be daunting to the novice audio production or music student. These complex software-based learning environments can overwhelm the cognitive and perceptual loads of the learner and make learning ineffective. Learner-centred design is a design approach that takes into account the needs of the learner (Soloway et al., 1994). This thesis conducts a study to analyse the effect of providing the learner with a custom audio mixing software which was designed with a learner-centred design approach to address the needs of the novice audio production and music student. This user interface design focuses on reducing the load on the learner’s working memory to enhance the development of schemas and automation. The results show that such an approach could be effective at enhancing the learning process through the use of experiential learning and learner-centred pedagogy.

Work experience

2012 – Present
LASALLE College of the Arts
Part-Time Lecturer, School of Contemporary Music

2014 – 2015
AVP Research Project, Research Associate / Programmer
Research, develop, code and implement music information and data transmission (MIDI, OSC, CV, Serial) over a network-based system for creative performances.

2009 – Present
Sound Artist. Freelance Sound Designer and Audio Engineer. Global experience in technical direction for events, live sound engineering, and sound design.