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Lidya Chrisfens

Lidya Chrisfens

MA Arts Pedagogy and Practice
2019 — 2020

Lidya Chrisfens is a fashion lecturer who graduated with a Master's Degree in Arts Pedagogy and Practice at LASALLE College of the Arts, awarded by Goldsmiths, University of London. Born in Indonesia, Lidya was educated at LASALLE and graduated with First Class Honours Bachelor Degree in Fashion Design and Textile credited by Open University, UK. Lidya spent her time working in the fashion industry since 2005 before embarking on an academic career which embraced teaching undergraduate students and practice-based research. Her research focused on interdisciplinary theories and methodologies by taking inspiration from disciplines outside of fashion contexts.


Lidya's philosophy as a designer plays a great part in her learning and teaching philosophy. She believes that these values stem from exposure to a diverse range of life experiences and influences, such as her parents, her mentors from different levels of schooling, working experiences as well as her children. Being a parent has taught her to accept her children as who they are with or without limitations. She strongly believes that every student is unique and has something special they can bring to their own education. Her research interests include phenomenology, fashion-arts pedagogy, interdisciplinary pedagogy.

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Thesis abstract

Facilitating the process of interiorisation: exploration of a novel approach to fashion pedagogy

This thesis offers an exploratory journey on the experimentation of a novel approach to a fashion technique pedagogy using the Process of Interiorisation as a methodological approach. The experimentation will open up a line of research inquiry that is open to exploration as part of my practice while hoping to develop a specific fashion pedagogy through this experimentation. The paper covers the process of moulding the methodology through active engagement and analysing with the student’s experimentation through experiential learning as discoveries and findings: Atmospheric Space, Collective Unconscious, Conceptual space and the emergence of Imagination that ground the theoretical frameworks for the methodology. The experimentation explored how emotions and memories played vital roles for the interiorisation process that triggered the emergence of imagination, as an outcome which led to creating the creative output of the process the new fashion technique exploration: Blind-draping and Blind-drafting. The thesis adopts a relatively descriptive style to a personal reflection and how it transformed the way I teach and makes me look at the pedagogy that underpins my teaching practice. The style of journaling offers my reflexivity, perceptions and the insights that I gained during this experimentation with the student subject.

Keywords: Process of Interiorisation, novel fashion technique approach, atmospheric space, conceptual space, imagination, blind-draping, blind-drafting

Work experience

2018 – Present
LASALLE College of the Arts
Designer-In-Residence, School of Fashion

2012 – 2018
LASALLE College of the Arts
Part-time Lecturer, School of Fashion
Freelance Designer

2014 – 2017
The Bridal Loft
Founder/Creative Designer

2012 – 2013
First Media Design School
Part-time Lecturer

2010 – 2012
Oceansky International
Head of Creative Department/Chief Designer

2005 – 2008
Freelancer/Senior Designer in Fashion Industry