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Tan Jin Lin, Jesmen

Tan Jin Lin, Jesmen

MA Arts Pedagogy and Practice
2019 — 2020

Jesmen Tan is passionate about filmmaking and education. His motivation to be a pedagogue stems from his awareness of his own limitations and a desire to correct his misjudgements. He is interested in exploring new territories and circumspect about the changes he can effect. He holds a Master's Degree in Arts Pedagogy and Practice from Goldsmiths, University of London.


Jesmen's philosophy to film teaching is not just from a methodology perspective but also a deeper philosophical one, offering multiple connections that not only aim at building knowledge and skills, but also to move beyond the limits of conventional pedagogical cinema theories. Learning is lifelong, and should be fun and exciting. Learn like a nomad, explore territories, make connections and interactions to become a 'body without organs'. Life is short, enjoy doing what you like and what is right.

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Thesis abstract

Cinema education becoming body without organs

In a highly visual web-based society, the Internet has democratised knowledge, creating highly interactive platforms for communication and have exposed us to more visual content and information. For this reason, I constructed my thesis as a personal journey documenting my own learning from a filmmaker to a film educator, as well as provocations as a postgraduate student in Arts Pedagogy and Practice (APP), where I incorporated the lens of Gilles Deleuze’s rhizomatic concepts like “a box of tools” to transform the arborescent film curriculum at Puttnam School of Film and Animation (PSoFa) from a philosophical perspective by presenting it partially in a screenplay format as a metaphor to show how my learning has or can inform my teaching in cinema education.

Work experience

Since 2013
Freelancer in the film & media industry as assistant director

2016 – 2018
In-house (Pangolin Films) producer and director

2017 – 2020
LASALLE College of the Arts
Lecturer, Film