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Joanne Lim Yi-Jen

Joanne Lim Yi-Jen

MA Creative Writing
2019 — 2020

Writing is Singaporean Joanne Lim's second act after leaving a career in luxury cosmetics to become a stay-at-home parent to her two young daughters. With 10 of her formative years spent in an all-girls school, a sociology degree specialising in women's studies, and a decade of experience in marketing luxury cosmetics, it is unsurprising that Joanne's prose centers around feminine identities, particularly the conflicts and ambivalence of motherhood arising from cultural and class divides.


Many Luck in Marriage is a two-generational account set in Singapore of a mother and her two daughters as they navigate their identities as women, wives and mothers. The novel explores a woman's choices in life and the circumstances that decide the ones she will make.

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