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Philip Ng

Philip Ng

MA Creative Writing
2017 — 2020

Philip Ng works as a communications specialist in the Ministry of Communications and Information. His day job allows him to meet a lot of people and hear their stories. He holds an MA in Contemporary China from Nanyang Technological University and a BA in Mass Communications from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology. Currently, he is working on his Juris Doctor to fulfil a childhood dream of becoming a criminal defence lawyer. He loves to write, read and travel.


A Good Opinion contains excerpts of personal essays from my formative years growing up in Singapore and working in China. This creative non-fiction thesis explores issues such as how much value we should attach to people’s opinions. This inquiry necessitates the examination of such proxies as identity and success. The fact that most of us work hard in what we do is almost a given. However, not all hardworking people are regarded as successful. As such, this memoir thesis teases out the nuances of what makes a person successful in contemporary Singapore.

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