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Yang Xinyi

Yang Xinyi

BA(Hons) Acting
2018 — 2020

Yang Xinyi is a stage and film actor born and raised in China. She has a Diploma in Performance and a BA(Hons) Acting degree from LASALLE College of the Arts. Besides acting, she enjoys yoga, meditation and sound bath sessions. Xinyi likes to experiment with her image and has a YouTube channel (deathicsheep) dedicated to this interest.


Select credits:
Savage Land (dir. Matt Grey), Furthest North Deepest South (dir. Marc Goldberg), Exit, Pursued by a Bear (dir. Paul Lucas), Five Modern Noh Plays: Hanjo (dir. Elizabeth de Roza), and As You Like It (dir. Michael Earley). Film credits include the short films That Night I Dreamt I Was You (dir. Nelson Yeo) and A Robot Named Desire (dir. Yara Rizk).

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