of Dance
& Theatre


Herman Keh

Diploma in Dance
2017 — 2020

Herman Keh started his dance training with hip-hop at the age of 17 under the guidance of Terence Then. His dance school represented Singapore in the Asia Youth Dance competition held in Hong Kong and came in first place. At LASALLE, Herman was exposed to contemporary dance, ballet and jazz techniques, and he aspires to be a well-rounded dancer in all genres. With a passion for teaching and choreographing, he aims to create and share his knowledge about dance with people around him. Herman believes that dance is not just about having the skills and the ability to move – what is most important is the values within.


Internal Quavers (choreographed by Lavanya Dave and Nur Afiqah Rapee for a music collaboration with BA(Hons) Music, Water Bloom (excerpt, choreographed by Kuik Swee Boon). Choreographed In the making for a film collaboration with BA(Hons) Film, and Butter, a concept work.

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