of Dance
& Theatre

Su Wei

Kok Su Wei

Diploma in Dance
2017 — 2020

Kok Su Wei trained extensively in classical ballet and rhythmic gymnastics for 13 years and has been a teaching assistant and instructor in rhythmic gymnastics for the past five years in Singapore and Malaysia. During her time at LASALLE, Su Wei was exposed to a wide range of dance styles and also collaborated on original works with other disciplines such as film, fashion and broadcast media. Su Wei has worked with international choreographers from different genres. Some of her performances include Madison Bycroft’s Mollusk Theory: Soft Bodies, Whispers of the Ocean and the Light to Night Festival 2019 at the Asian Civilisations Museum which she also choreographed.


Rentak Musik Dalam Tubuh/ Rhtyhm in the Body (choreographed by Ery  & Angga Mefri), Night Safari (choreographed by Eisa Jocson), (dis)similiar (choreographed by Chai Ching Nicole and Kimberly Long Li Qin), "I went on a train and took with me..." (choreographed by Dapheny Chen). Choreographed Boundaries a screen dance collaboration with BA(Hons) Film, choreographed a solo in en/un/re/multi fold a collaboration with Diploma in Fashion, performed at the National Gallery Singapore for the Singapore Biennale 2020.                       

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