of Dance
& Theatre


Natasha Fawzi

Diploma in Dance
2017 — 2020

Natasha Fawzi started learning ballet at four. She has performed widely including in the Singapore Youth Festival 2016, where her school was awarded Distinction. Natasha loves how artists from different disciplines can provide varying perspectives and ideas, and has collaborated with LASALLE's Puttnam School of Film & Animation to produce a short film and performance collaboration. Her internships include Dance in Situ as a rehearsal archivist and LA Dance Connections as teacher and teaching assistant. Choreographically speaking, Natasha is interested in exploring how far she can push the boundaries of beauty and aesthetics before it becomes too uncomfortable to watch.


Sacred Connections (choreographed by Mohd Sharul Bin Mohd), Rhythm in the Body (choreographed by Ery & Angga Mefri), Night Safari (choreographed by Eisa Jocson). Choreographed Transferred Impression for a collaboration with BA(Hons) Film, choreographed a solo in en/un/re/multi fold in collaboration with Diploma in Fashion, performed at the National Gallery Singapore for the Singapore Biennale 2020.

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