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Joel Gay

Joel Gay

Diploma in Performance
2017 — 2020

Joel Gay has always enjoyed the arts as it enables him to see ordinary things in the most extraordinary ways. Outside of LASALLE, where he is pursuing a Diploma in Performance, he is part of theatre collective The Callbacks. In his spare time, he also lends himself creatively to other projects such as serving as artistic director and co-writer to ongoing comic series RED. Joel is interested in pushing the envelope with his acting and stunt work career.


Select credits:
Jacob in Wheels (dir. Felipe Cervera), Tan Ka Heng in APART (dir. Sharda Harrison), Party Member in 1984 (dir. Daniel Jenkins), Charles: The Wrestler in As You Like It (dir. Michael Earley), Puppeteer in Peephole: After Love (dir. Bright Ong) and Office Worker in Coffin is too Big for the Hole (dir. Sheila Gregory).

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