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Nicole Genevieve Pereira-Clarke

Nicole Genevieve Pereira-Clarke

Diploma in Performance
2017 — 2020

Nicole Pereira-Clarke has a range of experience including competitive bodybuilding, figure skating and acting. Nicole would like to use theatre as a platform for exploring social issues. Nicole began bodybuilding three years ago to better her understanding in fitness and nutrition. With the knowledge and skills she developed in these areas, she hopes to be able to combine her interests in performance and physical health.


Select credits:
Actor in Cool Shorts (dir. Matt Grey), Actor in Musang Berjanggut (dir. Firdaus Fid Faisal & Al-Matin Yatim), Narrator in Animal Farm (dir. Toby Papzoglu), Actor in Get Lost Comedy Review (dir. Shona Benson)

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