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Justin Noah Chua

Justin Noah Chua

BA(Hons) Design Communication
2016 — 2020

Justin Noah Chua is a multidisciplinary designer based in Singapore with a focus on branding, print, web and app design. He is interested in the strain of design practice which sits between the criticalities within the modes of which design and art may coexist. He is curious about the intrinsic purposes and rationales behind design and art while his extensive forms of academic, design and artistic research funnels strengthens his practice into more established methods that consequently leads to informed designed pieces.


Anthropocenic Futures in Singapore: An Investigative Bureau - A Participatory Imagining Workshop

Embodying theories on critical design and optimising frameworks as models for futures-thinking, the final guided workflow is employed via participatory imagining workshops to create fictional and speculative outcomes in Singapore, hoping to bring to light man’s impact on Earth in the Anthropocene.

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